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RE COILEX is a alkaline, highly concentrated special cleaner for very efficient cleaning of heat exchangers , batteries , fans, grease filters, electrostatic precipitators , and more. Re - coilex is highly fat-removing and bacteria-inhibiting , and gentle on painted surfaces and delicate materials.

Re - coilex is also in quite different mixing conditions , a high-efficiency cleaning fluids, which can be used for special and general cleaning. Re - coilex has a pH in the concentrate of 10.5 . The solution for use around 9.5 .

Re coilex ny litenUse
When cleaning of heat exchangers and various types of batteries, apply Re - coilex with an pressure sprayer on the supply air side - if possible, with the plant in operation , stop otherwise the plant during the application and then start up again immediately . In most cases no rinsing with water.

Re - coilex together with airflow foam that comes with normal air turbulence through the heat exchanger or the battery and effectively cleans all surfaces from contamination.

Download PDF  pdf  English Re-coilex
Download PDF Safety Data Sheet  pdf  Recoilex Safety data sheet

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