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Resac F7 eco

Resac F7 eco

Resac F7 eco is a low energy air filters. Our newly developed micro fiber glass media provides extremely low initial pressu...

HEPA / ULPA Filters Mikro SF-A…

HEPA / ULPA Filters Mikro SF-AL

HEPA / ULPA Filters Micro SF- AL filters are designed to meet the highest standards of clean and sterile room. They are ins...

Ozone generators in collaborat…

Ozone generators in collaboration with O3 Technology

Ozone treatment is the cutting edge of technology and applied in many different areas, including ventilation systems for odor...

Resema Supplier for IV Produkt

Resema Supplier for IV Produkt

IV Produkt has chosen Resema as a new supplier of air filters. For more information Klick here

P-labeled filters at Resema

P-labeled filters at Resema

  P Mark is a quality according to SP Technical Research Institute which means that the filter meets the requirements...

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