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Resac Eco 1/60 microglass

Resac Eco 1/60 microglass is a low energy air filters. Our newly developed micro fiber glass media provides extremely lo...

HEPA / ULPA Filters Mikro SF-A…

HEPA / ULPA Filters Micro SF- AL filters are designed to meet the highest standards of clean and sterile room. They are ...

Resema Supplier for IV Produkt

IV Produkt has chosen Resema as a new supplier of air filters. For more information Click here ...

P-labeled filters at Resema

P Mark is a quality according to RISE Research Institutes of Sweden which means that the filter meets the requireme...

Opening Hours

Resemas huvudkontor har öppet:
7:00-16:30, Fre 7:00-15:30
(Telefontid från 8.00) 


Öppettider hämtlager: 
Sthlm 07:00-16:00, fre 07.00-15.00
Malmö 07:00-16:00, fre 07.00-15.00 
Köpenhamn 07:00-15:00, fre 07.00-14.00