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P-labeled filters at Resema

P märke-filter-Resema

P Mark is a quality according to RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, which means that the filter meets the requirements of the RISE's certification rules (CR055) and that the filter has very good long-term performance in real operating environment.

P- labeling rules out basic requirements for the filter to keep the specified filter class throughout their lifetime, and particle removal ratio does not deteriorate drastically during the operating period. The filters are tested according to EN 779 for control of pressure drop data and filter class also long term performance of the filter in the actual operation is evaluated according to SP method 1937.

A further requirement is that there must be a functioning quality system current production which includes documented self-monitoring of filters and materials to be made. RISE then perform annual inspections. In connection with the inspection visits are also made subsampling from the output to be tested according to ISO16890.

P Mark is the certification that makes the highest demands on filters worldwide.

Resema have P-labeled filters in micro glass. 



  pdf P-Certifikat G 10/75 microglas (195 KB)

  pdf P-certifikat G 1/70 microglas (129 KB)