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Environmental policy


On Resema we have our own environmental policy that includes both short- and longterm environmental goals. We develop environmentally friendly products and strives to minimize energy consumption.

On Resema Airfilter, we ensure that waste from production is taken care of according to environmental standards. We are also responsible for that used products is takes care of as environmentally as possible. We also have high environmental demands on our suppliers.




Opening Hours

Resemas huvudkontor har öppet:
7:00-16:30, Fre 7:00-15:30
(Telefontid från 8.00) 


Öppettider hämtlager: 
Sthlm 07:00-16:00, fre 07.00-15.00
Malmö 07:00-16:00, fre 07.00-15.00 
Köpenhamn 07:00-15:00, fre 07.00-14.00