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Modern Production

ProduktionResemas factory in central Tranås has a large factory floor.
The latest technology with modern machines and equipment for the production of filters with very high quality.

Significant investments have been made during the last 10 years creating a completely automated production, from media to filter pockets and finished bag filters with micro glass, synthetic or combined carbon/micro glass filter media with frames of sheet metal, wood or plastic.

The company is acknowledged in the market for its high quality and customer service. High quality from production to delivery.

Opening Hours

Resemas huvudkontor har öppet:
7:00-16:30, Fre 7:00-15:30
(Telefontid från 8.00) 


Öppettider hämtlager: 
Sthlm 07:00-16:00, fre 07.00-15.00
Malmö 07:00-16:00, fre 07.00-15.00 
Köpenhamn 07:00-15:00, fre 07.00-14.00