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Resac carb, gas filters for comfort ventilation

Resac Carb, gasfilter för komfortventilation Resac carb can be used in applications for filtration and removal of odors from kitchens , tobacco, changing rooms etc. . Resac carb is designed to adsorb the unpleasant odors and gaseous and hazardous pollutants at low concentration such as ozone , hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide.

Suitably in the supply air system for reducing the contaminated air supply and the exhaust air system with relatively low concentrations of toxic substances.

Resac carb equipped with a 25 mm frame that provides a simple default installation . Because of the filter's low initial pressure drop and high dust holding capacity can Resac Carb easily added to or replace existing filters in ventilation systems for an improved filtering.

Designed to eliminate various troublesome odors in the ventilation system for offices, schools, shoppingcentrar and other properties in the vicinity around the streets and thoroughfares. Easy to replace or supplement existing filters . Filtering of low concentrations of harmful gases in the supply air system in cities . ( nitrogen oxides , sulfur dioxide, ozone , organic compounds from vehicle exhaust, etc.). Air filtering with low levels of volatile organic compounds such as solvents and aerosols.

Comb Filter Two filters in one, F7 - F9 or only with activated carbon
The filter can be combined with Resema P-labeled Aegis media against microbiological growth

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Molecular Filters - Activated Carbon

HS-Granulatkohle webb

Activated carbon is suitable for adsorbing hazardous gases and steaming impurities. We provide activated carbon in granular granulation from 0.6 to 6.3 mm. Powdered activated carbon is in the grain size 0.075 mm or less. Activated carbon is produced from organic matter such as peat and shells.



Molecular Filters - chemisorbent

HS-Clean-Pro-Pruafil webbChemisorbent is a granulate which can be used to replace or supplement activated carbon. Chemisorbent offers an excellent adsorption of different organic vapors and can be installed in addition to activated carbon filter in applications that require the extraction of H2S, SO2, or other organic or strong-smelling substances.


Activated carbon filter cartridge AKP

Aktivt kol patron AKPActivated carbon filter cartridge AKP is designed to adsorb and bind the gas and malodorous impurities. The cartridges can be installed on the clean air side or further into the system. Thanks to its simple modular system it can easily be assembled to larger units. Harmful gas mixtures can be filtered in several stages with an impregnation that fit each specific level.

Standardkol operates in environments with temperatures up to 50 ° C and humidity of 70%. Since activated carbon is sensitive to dust particulate filter should be installed. Required contact (air / coal) varies depending on the application, but should be between 0.1 to 5 seconds in order to achieve optimal results.



Carbon panel / Chemical filters

Kolfilterpanel / Kemfilterpanel


Carbon filter panel / Chemical Filter panel consists of either activated carbon - Carbo Block or a chemisorbent Clean Block. These substances are usually used in exhaust and return air systems in industrial applications.

Carbo Blocks have a variety of uses such as removing odors, filter solvents, welding fumes and exhaust air in the laboratory. The filter unit is of a compact design. We offer customized solutions for each specific purpose where the media is determined by the application. Carbo Blocks are supplied with different types of activated carbon,

Clean Block is provided with oxidative kemisorbanter (Clean Pro). The filter is filled with the selected sorbent (Carbon and Clean Pro). The construction is of "free pass" version with two perforated plates.


Carbon filter A053

Kolfilter A053Carbon filters A053 with replaceable cartridges with carbon, highly effective against odorous gases and pollutants. A053 was originally intended for use in the nuclear industry to filter radioactive iodine and iodine compounds and for destruction of various war gases.

The frame and cartridges are made of stainless steel (EN 1.4301). Meticulously welded metal plates form the basis for a stable 50 mm thick layer of activated charcoal. The filter is equipped with a device for automatic tension control. The device ensures a compression between the frame and the media, and thus a leak-free device. The cover is easy to remove and cartridges of carbon may therefore be changed without problems.

Carbon filter A055

Kolfilter A055Carbon filters A055 is specially designed for applications requiring adsorption of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as odors from tobacco, cosmetic industry and odors that occur in the kitchen. Effective also against vaporized contaminants, mainly oil and gas.

These filters are used in a variety of applications in both supply and exhaust systems. A055 consists of a MDF frame with integral ribs. As the sorbent is activated carbon arranged in a V shape. Because of the design enables an optimal air passage where even high air flows can be purified efficiently.



Compactfilter Resepac Carb

Kompaktfilter Resepac CarbCompact filter Resepac carb is designed to adsorb unpleasant odors and gaseous and hazardous pollutants at low concentration such as ozone, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide. Can be used in applications for filtration and removal of odors from kitchens, tobacco etc.

Compact filter Resepac Carb appropriate within supply air system for reducing contaminated supply air and in exhaust systems with relatively low concentrations of toxic substances.

The filter consists of a corrosion resistant frame with six active kolpaneler. Frame with header (25 mm) for a standard installation. Because of the filter's low initial pressure drop (DOP) can be easily added to existing ventilation system for an improved filtering.


Resepac Amosorb

Amosorb luftfilterResepac Amosorb is specifically designed for the filtration of ammonia. Ammonia is perceptible to humans even in low concentrations greater than 5 ppm. Work Environment Authority AFS 2005:17 specifies a maximum exposure limit of 50 ppm or 35 mg / m³ not to be exceeded.

Maximum exposure limit is used for fast acting or otherwise specifically hazardous substances. It is mainly these substances, which are already under a short-term elevated exposure can have adverse effects, which have received a maximum exposure limit.

For comparison with maximum limit the measuring period is usually 15 minutes. Exceptions are ammonia and isocyanates for which limits there is a 5-minute period. Ref. AFS 2005:17, § 3.


Carbon filters Carbopanel PB

Kolfilter Carbopanel PBCarbon filter Carbopanel PB is intended for filtering odors, hydrocarbon compounds (VOCs) or other gaseous molecular or air pollution. The design combines the advantage of carbon's adsorption capacity with market demand for small sizes.

The panels are filled with high quality, asymmetric granular activated carbon (if necessary, other sorbent). This benefits a turbulent air flow evenly through the carbon bed which provides a better utilization of capacity compared to normally occurring standard coal.


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