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Deka Pak

HS Deka PakDeka Pak compact filter offers twice the filtration area compared to other compact filter due to a greater depth of 420 mm. This makes it possible for applications such as turbomachinery, process air and HVAC with maximum airflow to have a considerably longer life of their filters. Your applications can benefit from the significantly lower energy consumption compared to other types of filters. Deka Pak is particularly recommended for applications where installation space is critical, but high flow demand.




Resepac GT, Turbine & Offshore filter

Resepac GTResepac GT is specially designed to offer high level of security within the turbine and offshore applications. Resepac GT features an advanced hybrid filter media with a huge stiffness to operate even under the most difficult conditions.

Resepac GT combines synthetic media advantages of being absolutely water-resistant and rigid with fiberglass media's superior partikelfiltrerings-effectiveness for a hybrid filter system. Latest product optimization has also led to improved pressure drop relation that makes it possible to increase efficiency in many different processes. The filter maintains its efficiency even in condensing moisture.

Resepac GT is by default completely sealed with polyurethane, specially designed to cope with rapid changes in operating conditions.

By providing Resepac GT with the optional safety net pass filter, a burst pressure of> 8000 Pa.



Compact filters Resepac ECO M6-F9

Kompaktfilter Resepac ECO M6-F9Compact filter Resepac ECO M6-F9 is used as a prefilter or main filter in filtering unwanted particles and hazardous pulverized dust and aerosols from the supply and exhaust systems.

The filter media composed of ultra-fine glass fiber paper of high quality. Alternative synthetic media. Spacers installed between atomized creases and ensures symmetrical distance.

The frame is made of pressed plastic profiles (polystyrene) and is therefore very stable, corrosion resistant and completely combustible. The medium is water resistant and therefore useful in air flows with high humidity. A temporary increase in pressure then is typical. With decreased humidity resistance will decrease. Thanks Resepac ECO shallow depth makes it ideal in tight spaces.

Available in filter classes M6, F7, F9


Compactfilters Resepac M6-F9

HS Mikro Pak sfv rfvCompact filter Resepac M6 - F9 is used as a fine filter in the general HVAC system and turbine applications. They are used as a prefilter or main filter to remove particulates and hazardous dust and aerosols in the supply and exhaust air systems . Particularly suitable in environments with high air flow and requirements for long life. Resepac with 25 mm header fits standard mounting frames. Standard filter media consists of microfibre glass equipped with termoplastseparatorer. As an option we offer synthetic media for special applications such as damp environment or the food industry.

The frame is made of durable plastic. Resepac filters are completely combustible . Its design ensures a high stability and is completely corrosion free. The medium is water resistant and therefore useful in applications with high humidity. Because Resepac 's call installation depth is ideal in tight spaces.

Compact filter Resepac M6 F9 is available in an extremely durable variant . " Turbine " has an additional  filter area of 15 % and a safety net for the clean air side. These filters withstood the maximum pressure test at VTT institute in Finland. The filters easily passed the 4500 Pa.

Available in filter classes M6, F7 , F9

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Compact HEPA Filters Mikro Pak SFV

HS-Mikro-Pak sfv rfvCompact HEPA Filters Micro-Pak SFV is mainly used in industrial processes, such as security filters for mechanical oil mist. Ideally suited as a main filter where high airflow and maximum efficiency is required. Micro-Pak SFV is also suitable as a main filter for removing particles, poisonous dust or aerosols in exhaust and supply air system with high air flows. V-shaped filter compartment offers large filter surface and thus a longer life.

The filter frame is made up of a very stable and corrosion resistant plastic construction makes the filter totally combustible. The design meets the hygienic requirements for ventilation and air conditioning system according to VDI 6022 and is recommended especially for installations with high humidity.

Compact HEPA Filter Micro-Pak SFV is also often used in various existing supply air to increase the filtering level. Thanks to a 25mm header takes spoils easily.

Available in filter classes E11 RVF and H13 SVF


Compact filter V-Pak RFV, SFV

HS V Pak 2014These compact filters are used as pre- or main filters in stationary applications, such as cleanrooms, pharmaceutical and medicine.

V-Pak filters are used where less installation space or flexible design is required. The filter allows for maximum use of space in the duct sections. Advanced production technology allows us to offer these filters with very high filter surface of very small filter size.


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