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Resac RM-Glas G2-G4

Resac RM-Glas G2-G4Resac RM Glass G2-G4, Dust Stop is a pre-filter that is used in ventilation, the timber industry, the metalworking industry and others, for the separation of larger particles and coarse air pollution.

Resac RM Glass G2-G4, Paint-Stop without tackifier is primarily used for separation of wet ink such as that color trap in spray booths and lacquer boxes, thereby protecting channels, fans, motors, etc. in the air system. The media has a very high stoftackumulerande capacity and long life.

Resac RM-Glass is a series of coarse filter consisting of progressive glass fiber media with an irregular elastic fiber structure. The design allows an advantageous low compressibility, ie compression of the used media is stymied, thereby increasing dust separation.

Available in various roll widths or pads. Available in filter classes G2-G4



Resac RM-Synthetic G2-M5

Resac RM-Syntet G2-M5Resac RM-Synthetic G2-M5 is used as pre-filters in HVAC systems, roofing filter in coating equipment and numerous industrial applications.

RM-Synthetic filter consists of durable synthetic polyester fibers, thermally bonded and randomly arranged in different thicknesses. The filter's density increases progressively towards the material renluftsida where the special structure ensures a high dust holding capacity. Long life and low pressure drop ensures low running costs.

Available in filter classes G2, G3, G4, F5


Andreae - Painting Filter


The design of Andrea filter makes filter two to five times more effective than a conventional mains filter. When the dust particles have been stuck in Andrea filter can not leave. The filters consist of two partitions of corrugated and perforated ated cardboard supported by the filter edges. Stability of the structure means that the filters can be applied without supportive cartridges. The filters are environmentally friendly made from recycled paper and can be burned in its entirety. 


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