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HEPA / ULPA Filters Mikro SF-AL

HEPA / ULPA-Filter Mikro SF-ALHEPA / ULPA Filters Micro SF- AL filters are designed to meet the highest standards of clean and sterile room. They are installed as the last step in the ventilation system eg in operating theaters as terminal filters in the ceiling and / or in the filter walls, LAF and safety cabinets and other applications requiring the highest level of air purification with controlled flows. Usually, these applications laminar air flows.

According requirements can HEPA / ULPA filter Micro SF AL designed to reach an efficiency of 99.999995 % at a MPPS of 0.1 to 0.3 microns. Thus absorbed even the smallest particles and virus reliably. We offer two types of filter media: pleated micro- fiber glass or ePTFE membrane. Separators of thermoplastic ensures a uniform distance and maximum stiffness. This ensures an absolutely laminar flow without laminator. We can also satisfy other individual requirements such as handling protection , endless packing , liquid / gel pack mm.

To ensure the highest quality in accordance with EN 1822 , Section 4, has been the most modern test rig operational. On request, the filter class to EN 1822 : H13 and H14 comes with a detailed scan test protocol. Scan test records of all relevant data and contains a chart showing the distribution of efficiency across the entire filter surface. Filter class to EN 1822 : U15 and U16 (U17 ) made ​​scan test standard.

Filter frames meet the requirements for applications in sterile and clean room. Choose between different models of massive, extruded and anodized aluminum. The frames are resistant to disinfection and decontamination agents . The filter is equipped as standard with a powder-coated affects circuit protection on the clean air side .

Available in filter classes H13 , H14 , U15 , U16



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